“It is more blessed to serve and give

then to receive and be served.”


Most members of the Order today are aware of what difficulties and sacrifices the Order, its Adepti and members have faced over the year or more. We need to always remember the words from The Book of John (4:27) “One sows and another reaps.” Let us pause and thank our Creator for the Order and our Higher Genius for bringing us to it. Let us
thank who gave freely of their lives, their sweat, and their hard earned substance. Let us strive to emulate the works of love of those who have and continually give of themselves most generously in service to this precious Order.
The work of the Order will end one day when all have returned to the Light. Until then it is our duty to do whatever is needed to allow the Order and its Temples, which are supported solely by their local members, to grow and prosper. A living, thriving Order must have the tools to do the Great Work of Light. That is why it is incumbent on all of us to see to it that our Order has whatever it needs to fulfill this sacred labor. We have all witnessed the great love you, my brothers and sisters, have for your Order. It is expressed in so many ways. By your gift of time, your gift of talents, and your donations. That’s what keeps an Order, a Temple, a Sanctuary, or Study Circle alive and growing. For all you do, thank you!