531720_525789784128202_1249597187_nWelcome to the official website of the Order of the Golden Dawn Universum serving Golden Dawn members world-wide. Our Temple is located in Los Angeles County, Southern California and serves as a beacon of Light (LVX) for all seekers of the western esoteric mysteries.

OGDU is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2012.  We are an independently operating Order remaining true to the classical Golden Dawn tradition, providing the sincere seeker with beginning through advanced training in the art of Theurgy (Divine working.) This includes both theoretical and practical instruction in- Kabbalah, Alchemy, Healing, Astral Projection, Divination, Scrying, Elemental Magic, Invocation and numerous other aspects of the High Magical Arts- all taught by experienced members who have been walking the path for many years and have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of  their own “True Will” (-that is, each person’s Destiny, or reason for being.) Additionally, we provide Physical Initiation and Advancement through the Grades in a fully functioning Golden Dawn Temple, as well as long distance Astral Initiation, correspondence membership and online classes for those not near a Temple or Sanctuary. All of this, so that one day, you too may be able to discover “the Stone of the Philosophers, True Wisdom, Perfect Happiness, the Summum Bonum” and reflect that Light outward into the world.

If you seek the Light of Hidden Knowledge; if you are sincere and want to learn advanced magical teachings in the Golden Dawn tradition and if you wish to be a part of a fraternal, world- wide community with other like-minded people, then the Order of the Golden Dawn Universum and the Temple of Isis, Mighty Mother are prepared to serve your desire to grow in Light, wisdom, magic and to travel as far as your aspirations will take you- Welcome!

Please note, The Order of the Golden Dawn Universum is not affiliated with the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn (EOGD), Robert Zink aka PDR, or any other EOGD/Robert Zink sponsored or supported websites, organizations, etc.

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